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An Introduction to Kassebaum Engineering LLC
October 18, 2019 at 4:00 AM
by Kassebaum Engineering LLC

At Kassebaum Engineering LLC, we provide respected engineering, information technology, and business consulting services to the private sector, public sector, nonprofit, and military clients.

We offer guidance and service in a variety of technical areas. This includes helping our clients to maximize their capability to use the Internet of Things and other information automation-based technologies.

Our team can also help new businesses to develop cohesive organization and planning to set them on a firm foundation for success.

We offer a full range of technology and business services to our clients.

Technology Consulting Services

Many of our technology consulting services deal with the basic nuts and bolts of assembling systems and ensuring that they work to their full potential. 

Hardware and Software Engineering

We provide experienced consulting assistance to help companies get the most out of both computer hardware and software. 

This includes working on embedded systems and applying job-specific software solutions for cloud computing, web applications, Internet of Things-related components, and more.

Kassebaum Engineering LLC also provides continuous integration and testing of hardware and software systems, as well as full life cycle management.

Technology Control and Monitoring

As technology in the industrial workplace advances, so does the need for advanced monitoring and control of it. Internet of Things-related safety features in particular can help to alert human managers of issues before they grow into problems or become dangers to workers or property.

We provide equipment design and programming services to ensure that your control and monitoring devices operate properly. 

Data and Analysis

The business and industrial world increasingly runs on data. We offer high-speed applications and data analysis that help your team acquire, analyze, and use data more quickly and productively. Faster access to data saves time and makes your team more productive.

Our custom data and analytics technology solutions allow you to use computing to gain the most insight out of your data. We can design a customized system that maximizes your ability to use data.

Business Consulting Services

We also offer a range of business consulting services aimed at helping small businesses develop and grow. Our team draws upon the success enjoyed by ourselves and partners to help those getting started avoid common mistakes and get a firm grounding.

Entrepreneurship Assistance

You have an idea. You want to start a business. Unless you are a child running a lemonade stand, however, starting a business is complicated. Regulatory requirements (filings, permits, taxes), controllership techniques, business proceedures, board management, fund raising, and other issues can serve as formidable obstacles.

Let us work with you to provide practical guidance and coaching to transform your idea into a viable business with a comprehensive plan leading to success.

Small Business CFO Consulting

Small businesses often struggle because they lack either technical expertise in business administration or the time to keep up with related issues. Mistakes in business administration in taxes, finances, and related issues can lead to disaster.

Increasingly, small businesses have benefited from focused guidance and outsourced administrative tasks handled by chief financial officers in larger companies or organizations. This saves them time to concentrate on core functions while reducing the risk of committing costly errors.

Customized Software Solutions

We can also provide technical assistance and advice on developing custom software programs and solutions for your business. Whether you need programs for human resources, accounting, communications, or other functions, Kassebaum Engineering LLC can help.

Reach out today to learn more about how we can help your business get the most out of technology. Contact us with any questions that you may have. Our expert and courteous staff will be happy to provide answers or to schedule a consultation.