The Benefits of Working with the Experts at Kassebaum Engineering, LLC

July 23, 2020

Finding expert computer and electrical engineering consulting firms with the experience and knowledge needed to tackle your needs can be a challenge. But with more than 30 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors, the professionals at Kassebaum Engineering, LLC, have what it takes to help you find the solution you’re looking for.

Here’s why working with top-tier professionals over the rest can mean the difference between an exceptional experience and a lackluster final product.

Rely on Engineering Expertise

While the computer and electrical engineering fields may be growing, that doesn’t mean that new companies and those delivering their services have had ample opportunities to put their skills to the test. Part of what distinguishes Kassebaum Engineering, LLC, from others is our 30-plus years of experience.

Will Kassebaum has extensive systems and computer (HW/SW) experience in a variety of roles within the engineering space. His time spent in executive management, program management, and entrepreneurial roles has helped him build clients’ trust in the more than three decades in which he has honed his skills and talents.

This diverse skillset has given WIll the chance to apply his knowledge to a variety of public and private projects. As an experienced hardware/software engineer and technologist, system architect, and specialist, Will has distinguished himself from others through his work at the Naval Air Warfare Center where he earned the prestigious National Performance Review “Heroes of Government Reinvention” award.

But his expert knowledge and experience apply to the private sector as well. Will has led numerous teams to develop award-winning products and provide industry-leading solutions to clients’ problems—an approach he brings to each project at Kassebaum Engineering, LLC.

The other half of the team, Will’s identical twin brother, Dr. John Kassebaum, has broad experience in a variety of roles as well. He is an engineering technologist with applied skills in research, development, analysis, and the creative synthesis of new concepts and ideas. In addition to earning his doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning from Purdue University, John is licensed through the State of Indiana as a Professional Engineer.

Outside of academia, John has earned his expert status through co-founding Algaeon, which includes research and development of biotechnology intellectual property and experience through microbiological/biochemical lab activities surrounding micro-algae. He also co-founded Energient in 2017. The company embeds web-applications and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) of industrial power equipment monitoring and control.

At Algaeon, Energient, and beyond, John’s specialist knowledge ranges from system and software architectural design and development to authentications and data security to technical research and the creative development of intellectual property.

Place Your Trust in Kassebaum Engineering, LLC

Between our combined experience, knowledge, and dedication to creating novel and space-defining engineering solutions across a variety of specialties, clients get a clear sense of the unrivaled expertise they are receiving when they work with our company.

While you may have several options when it comes to computer and electrical engineering consultants, ask yourself whether or not those you’re considering have the diverse background, skillset, and track record to deliver the final product you need.

Kassebaum Engineering, LLC, has the professional dedication required for an elevated engineering experience. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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