Computer and Electrical Engineering and More From Kassebaum Engineering LLC

November 26, 2019

In the digital age, running a business has grown increasingly complex. Many companies, especially small and mid-sized businesses, excel at providing top quality goods and services. They, however, fall short when it comes to business planning, using advanced technology to its fullest potential, and other key issues.

We established our firm to support their efforts through a number of important services, not only in computer and electrical engineering, but also in business establishment and planning. 

Our Clients and Our Company

Our team works closely with a wide variety of clients representing key fields of work. We have supported projects involving the military, as well as computer system architecture, consumer electronics, biotechnology, power studies, engineering analysis, and more. 

We can help to get your business started and keep it on the right track while supporting technology needs and goals.

Kassebaum Engineering LLC has also carefully constructed a vital network of partners and other stakeholders who support our efforts to bring the best in technology and business consulting services to the Indianapolis area. 

Business Consulting

Our business consulting services can support your efforts at every stage of establishment and development. 

We can start with you at the very beginning, honing entrepreneurial ideas into workable business plans. Your business benefits from our lengthy experience in developing effective business plans to guide your efforts and decision-making going forward.

Kassebaum Engineering LLC can also provide temporary or permanent chief financial officer services to create budgets, oversee acquisitions, maintain compliance with taxation and other government requirements, and more. 

Computer and Electrical Engineering

Our team provides a number of essential technological services. These support both general business operations and also firms with specific technological roles and requirements. 

Business trends going ahead demonstrate that digital technology and data will drive many industries. Those who can master these concepts in most sectors will create or maintain an important competitive advantage. 

Our team can help your company enter the data revolution. We will advise you on which software can help you the most with data collection, analysis, and storage, as well as explain your legal rights and responsibilities whether you do business only in the United States or across the globe.

Automation will also quickly grow in importance in the near future. With 5G coming to much of the industrialized world, we can help your business adopt artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology to increase efficiencies and make routine tasks easier to perform.

Easy to Use Online Operations Manuals

Our team can help by putting together easy to understand and interactive manuals. These provide your staff and other employees with the best possible explanations of the new technology so that your company can use it to its fullest potential. 

Most companies seeking to maintain their competitive advantage have embraced automation. Devices using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things increasingly monitor and direct processes. Our team helps your business incorporate this technology by creating dashboards to assist in human monitoring and direction while offering manuals to effectively explain their use. They help your team to identify problems before they become serious, but also collect essential data about your operation. 

We can also help automate your companies operating procedures to improve efficiency and use robotic process automation (RPA) techniques where appropriate to support staff efficiency. Our technology combines IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) to give immediate and deeper insight and control of your processes.

Reach Out Today

Kessebaum provides a full range of software and hardware related services. Rely on us to help you get the technology that you need. Our team can suggest products and services that boost efficiency and effectiveness in all phases of your operation, including office work, fleet management, factory floor monitoring, wireless communications, and more. 

Learn more about our full array of services that can boost your company’s effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining a competitive advantage. We invite you to peruse our website or give us a call. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or set an appointment for a consultation. 

Your business can produce the best goods and services in your field. Without a sound business plan, organization, and the right technology, you may still fall behind. Call us today. Our team is waiting to help.