Software Engineering and Development Trends We Expect to See in 2020 - From Kassebaum Engineering LLC

January 22, 2020

We have seen the world transform again and again over the course of only a generation. Technology races ahead with advances not even conceivable 20 years ago. 

As we rush into a difficult-to-predict future, we still strive to stay ahead of the curve. That includes learning about the latest trends and sharing them with clients and others.

In this spirit, we have created a short list of some of the main trends in software engineering and other related areas that we expect to continue seeing throughout the next year.

Increasing Dominance of Artificial Intelligence

This should come as no surprise. Even a cursory view of industry-related headlines reveals that artificial intelligence (AI) has pushed into a variety of fields.

AI and its close sibling, the Internet of Things, has grown into an essential of Far East manufacturing with the United States close behind in adopting it. AI and IoT not only improve productivity, but they also react more quickly to dangerous situations, reducing the threat of injury or even death on the job.

Hospitality companies use AI programs to scour the web for negative reviews. They not only bring them to the attention of public relations, but they can also respond ably.

Edge Computing Set to Explode

With all eyes on cloud computing, an alternative has quietly emerged. Edge computing combines the convenience and security of the cloud with superior performance. Companies specializing in edge computing use decentralized physical servers near nodes of data collection, storage, and analysis. 

Edge systems work with cloud systems to amplify speed and performance, especially for large scale users. They will also handle increasing workloads as organizations move away from maintaining expensive in-house servers. 

Instant Apps More Prevalent

App development will branch in different directions in the coming year. Increasingly, users are turning away from apps that require time to download and use up mobile device memory. Coming soon are instant apps that instantly appear and require no memory to operate. 

Businesses using them now experience improved conversion rates in many instances. 

More Use of Progressive Web Apps

Mobile apps moving to instant technology serves as only one option. Progressive web apps also provide almost instantaneous download times.

Progressive web apps combine the best of browsers and apps. The app resides on the browser itself, but functions in a mobile-friendly fashion.

Companies benefit because they can avoid the expense of creating apps and separate mobile sites. Users have a more convenient experience. 

Companies Use Outsourcing and Remote Work More Often for Software Development

Apple serves as a prime example of a company that desires to put as much as possible under one roof. This, however, runs against a trend in software and other digital fields that has picked up steam in recent years.

Companies save in a number of ways when they use remote workers. IBM helped to pioneer this trend a generation ago and now others have taken note. We have seen companies save tremendously in overhead. Sometimes they rely on traditional employees who work at home while others engage with independent contractors. 

Reliance on independent contractors and remote workers can save companies money in salary as well. No need to pay extra for staff who have to try to afford impossible real estate markets like San Francisco. Employees and contractors in areas with a low cost of living can make much less in gross salary, but do much better after bills and taxes. 

These trends and developments only scratch the surface of the changes to come. At Kassebaum Engineering LLC, we have a distinguished track record of helping our clients understand advances and take advantage.