3 Essential Benefits Of Conducting A Short Circuit Study

April 30, 2020

First-class systems engineering in Indianapolis begins with the name Kassebaum Engineering. Over the years we’ve seen a thing or two, and have helped countless customers find the best solutions for their computer and electrical engineering needs. To solidify our industry-leading expertise, we’ve performed power, short circuit, and coordination studies that have helped us improve the quality of our services. After years of experience, we’d like to share a few of the benefits of conducting regular short circuit studies. 

For those unfamiliar with a power study, it is a technical assessment of power distribution networks for safety and breaker trip coordination. These are beneficial for many reasons. For starters, you’ll get an real-time assessment on if your equipment is properly rated for the fault current it faces during a short circuit. Equipment that is not up to par can be potentially hazardous and result in significant damage. When you’re dealing with any type of electrical unit, you run the risk of fire. To adequately prevent this, we recommend you frequently check the outlets before use to ensure normal functionality. You can often determine if something is wrong if you notice any burn marks around the outlet, a subtle buzzing sound, or if the circuit is over 30 years old. 

Reduce expenses. 

Power studies can also save you money in the long term. By conducting a thorough review, you will be able to determine if any significant adjustments need to be made before installation becomes too involved and pricey. During initial installation of your system, it is important to plan ahead and look for areas that might require extra work or amendments. 

Protect your business’s productivity.

Your system is a vital part of your business’s daily operations. Unnecessary power outages can delay productivity and can potentially set you back for weeks. Any number of issues can occur. During storms, for example, fuses can give out and cause a fire hazard. Short circuits can cause more damage than you may think, and to your other electronics if there is a sudden power surge. 

General safety. 

Safety measures must also be taken into account as well. Power studies ensure the health and safety of your employees by identifying a potential problem because it escalates. Electrical hazards can be catastrophic, but prevention of them is extremely doable. 

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