What to Expect From Working With One of Indianapolis' Top Technology Companies

March 23, 2020

Some of the largest and most important organizations in the field of business, government, the military, and non-profits trust our team to provide the best in technology systems, research, administration, and support services.

Now is the time to consider services from one of the best Indianapolis technology companies, Kassebaum Engineering LLC.

Advances in technology open the door to opportunity for many, but also could leave the way open for cyber malefactors to create damage. Our team can help your business administer and protect itself more effectively, as well as helping you grow more productive.

Who We Are

Our leadership team, made up of identical twins, William and Dr. John Kassebaum, brings decades of combined experience in technology and administration solutions. William Kassebaum served as a successful CEO for several Indianapolis area technology firms and also engaged in award winning “pioneering work” for the United States Navy’s air warfare center.

Dr. John Kassebaum earned a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue with expertise in computational intelligence and machine learning. He specializes in system and software design and development with vast experience in data security, web applications and the Internet of Things.

Together, this team of experienced twins can provide big picture solutions to your organization’s technology needs, or work to target more specific improvements.

How We Serve Clients Better

Kassebaum Engineering LLC has succeeded in providing powerful solutions for a wide range of problems. Throughout the Indianapolis area and beyond, organizations ranging from local small businesses to the United States military rely on our expertise and experience for support.

As a smaller firm with big business know-how, we can offer more agile and creative solutions to business and technological problems. Our proven track record shows that we bring understanding, insight, and superior capability to bear for you.

Services We Provide

Whether you need the nuts and bolts of computer and communications systems or advanced software and applications, Kessebaum Engineering LLC offers the best and most capable service in the area.

Our electrical engineering and computers systems work includes:

  • Embedded systems
  • Software engineering
  • Data store integration
  • High speed internet applications
  • Data analytics
  • Online operating and maintenance manuals
  • Power studies
  • Implementation and control of systems
  • Radio telemetry operations across multiple bandwidths

Our team understands how to use equipment and software to build a strong foundation for business or organizational operations. Trust our years of service in assisting organizations with these complex, yet essential technologies.

Kessebaum Engineering LLC also strives to support businesses seeking support in entrepreneurship and administrative services. As experts in both launching and maintaining successful businesses, our team understands how to provide structure and support. Don’t end up trying to reinvent the wheel or getting hung up on common problems. We can help with the following:

  • Leadership and creative support for those starting new businesses
  • Guidance for companies needing leadership and CFO services
  • Development of customer oriented software systems
  • Assistance with developing processes, better record keeping, and other basics of business administration

Small to medium sized businesses, especially startups, will benefit from the advice of experts who understand how to get an operation off of the ground successfully while setting it up for long term success.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about how our team can provide a wide range of benefits for your business. Our team can accept phone calls, emails, or messages and provide any answers you may need.

Let us know what your specific needs are. We will then work together to craft a right fit solution to help your business or organization to thrive.

Kassebaum Engineering is a top Indianapolis technology company.